What is Guusto?

Guusto helps HR Leaders at companies with 200+ employees to recognize great work and shape amazing culture.

#1 HIGHEST RATED recognition platform on G2!

NO POINTS that lack transparency, value and impact. No minimums, markups or hidden fees, and full credit back on unclaimed rewards.

FLEXIBLE REDEMPTION so people choose something they actually want.

PURPOSE-DRIVEN with one day of clean water donated for every gift sent.

FREE ACCOUNT to get started sending rewards in minutes, not months!

Who uses Guusto?

Guusto helps HR leaders at mid-size (200-1000 ppl) and large (1000+ ppl) companies, looking to modernize milestone rewards, empower managers to send rewards, or build powerful peer-to-peer programs.

Our customer stories

Product Description

Build an amazing culture, increase productivity, and retain top talent

1. Simple and Scalable

  • Start in minutes, not months.
  • Instantly send or schedule 1-1000 rewards/orders.
  • Easily pilot and add new programs as needed (M2P, P2P).

2. Impactful, Flexible and Inclusive

  • Rewards can be redeemed immediately or saved and combined.
  • 60,000+ merchant locations, people choose something they actually want.
  • Redeem via web, mobile or print options so no one is left out.

3. Transparent Value

  • Not a points program, it’s a currency that people understand.
  • No minimums, markups, shipping or hidden fees.
  • Every dollar you spend on rewards actually goes to your people.

4. Industry Leading ROI

  • Free single accounts.
  • Unclaimed gifts fully refunded.
  • Subscription fees only apply for team members sending gifts (not all employees).

5. Purpose-Driven

  • One day of clean water donated with every gift sent.

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